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Points of Concern for Business Owners

1.  Will my business provide me with an adequate standard of living when I retire?  Do I have a plan that is cost effective?  

2.  If I have a plan, is it in compliance with Federal requirements?

3.  Is it legal for my business to continue my salary when I am sick or hurt?  Also for a key employee?

4.  What will happen to my business?  Do I want to continue, transfer it to my family, sell it, give it to the government?

5.  Have I properly arranged my affairs to avoid a forced liquidation of my assets, including my business?

6.  Would I be comfortable knowing that the IRS could get as much as 50% of my estate when I die?

7.  Am I providing my key employees, including myself, the best possible tax advantage incentives, to encourage them to remain with me and perform at their best?

8.  Would I be interested in a program that the business would pay for, that would accumulate wealth, and would be available only for the employees I wish to include?

9.  Am I taking full advantage of the proper legal ways to transfer monies/benefits from my business to those I care about, including me?

10. Am I comfortable with what I have now?

As a business owner, if you share these concerns, please contact us for a free consultation.

We can confidentially explore your needs and together find the most effective solutions

Peace of mind... Is worth the effort.

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