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The Medical Community faces numerous challenges including internal operations, financial planning, strategy / implementation, insurance and government regulation.  Within this complex environment, leaders must make astute, well-informed decisions that can be clearly communicated to every facet of the organization.  From the stakeholders to the newest hire, and from the customer to your vendors.  Your customers expect more, and so should you.

Delta Insurance Advisors incorporates the issues facing the medical industry.  We review insurance coverages, discuss the impact of regulation on your practice, consolidate broad industry expertise and develop a framework to make informed decisions.  Government has gone to great lengths in its attempt to control costs, but has created a minefield of policies & regulations that you are forced to traverse.

Do you have any of these questions?

Does the HITECH Act create new exposures for my business?
Does Medical Malpractice Insurance cover Cyberrisk / Data-breach?
Are the limits adequate for my operation?
What is the best technology solutions for me?
What are Preferred Physician Networks (PPN)?
How do I access these networks?
How many EMR services are there?
Which one is the best for me?  And why?
What are the financial ramifications of these regulations?
Why doesn't somebody coordinate all of this insurance?

We pride ourselves on our level of knowledge and service we bring to our clients.  You can expect a multi-tiered team of specialists including an executive level review team, that will design and develop client tailored solutions.  Delta Insurance Advisors and our Strategic partners will create a platform for you to be more successful.  Every part or you organization is being squeezed.  Don't you need somebody on your side?  

Contact us and see why we make a good partner.

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